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Burger of the Month

January is a "Chili" Month for Specials!

January is a "Chili" Month for Specials!

It's Icefest month in Chambersburg, so our food specials this month are taking on a Chili theme.

  • Burger of the Month: Chili Frito Burger - Topped with our smokehouse Chili, fritos and shredded Monterey Cheese - $15
  • Feta Artichoke Dip - Served with pita bread - $9
  • Fried Calamari - Breaded to order, served with house marinara sauce - $11
  • Soup du Jour - Smokehouse Chili (cooked with Ludwig's Revenge) Cup $5  Bowl $6  

August Burger of the Month

The August burger of the month is a Meatloaf Burger. The burger is a meatloaf patty stuffed with peppers and onions, from our friends at Painted Hand Farms.  The patty is topped with fries and and our own Prig Porter gravy.